Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

The Williamstown Chamber of Commerce (WCC) was established in 1995, although it is believed to have existed in different forms over the past 100 years.

The WCC works to promote (through communication and marketing), protect (by lobbying on issues identified as important and maintaining strong partnerships with council and other chambers) and push (by attaining grants for special projects) the interests of local businesses.

The WCC provides a networking platform for its members to collaborate, contribute and collect ideas, knowledge and allegiance and acts as a voice to local government.

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Williamstown Chamber of Commerce Membership Form

We aim to promote and assist in supporting Williamstown traders, through economic initiatives, communication, education and coordination of our members, our residents, and our visitors.

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If you are a local Williamstown business owner and would like to register to become a member of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce, simply complete the form below.

The FREE Membership entitles your business:

* To a listing in the Trader Directory to increase the opportunity for discovery by the local community and visitors.

* Exposure through social media stories or other seasonal marketing initiatives.

* Access to information on initiatives, business development, networking opportunities, news and activities of interest or benefit to your business.

* To contact our dedicated Trader Liaison Officer to raise issues important to you and your business.

* An open invitation to attend the monthly Williamstown Chamber of Commerce committee meetings held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8am.

Becoming a member is an easy decision.

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