Melbourne Cheese Wine and Spirits Festival

Visiting by Train
Start from Melbourne CBD: If you're in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD), head to Southern Cross Station. You can reach Southern Cross Station by tram, train, or bus from various locations in the city.
  1. Board the Train: At Southern Cross Station, catch the Williamstown line train. Look for the platform signs or electronic displays indicating trains heading towards Williamstown.
  2. Ride to Williamstown Station: Once on board the train, sit back and enjoy the ride. The journey to Williamstown Station typically takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on the time of day and any service disruptions.
  3. Arrive at Williamstown Station: Get off the train at Williamstown Station, which is the last stop on the line.
  4. Walk to Seaworks: From Williamstown Station, Seaworks Maritime Precinct is about a 10-15 minute walk away. Exit the station and head south on Ferguson Street towards Nelson Place. Then, turn left onto Nelson Place and continue walking until you reach the entrance of Seaworks on your right.
Alternatively, if you prefer not to walk or if you have mobility concerns, you can take a taxi or ride-sharing service from Williamstown Station to Seaworks.
Remember to check the train schedule and any service updates before your journey, as public transport schedules may vary, especially on weekends or holidays. Enjoy your visit to Seaworks in Williamstown!
Trains leave from Southern Cross and Flinders st every 20 minutes. From there you may catch a train directly to Williamstown or the Werribee line. If catching the Werribee line, change at Newport for a Williamstown train. Take the train to Williamstown station (After Williamstown North and Williamstown Beach).
Visiting by Ferry
If you are in the city, you may want to think about catching the ferry from Southbank. Click Here for more information
Start from Melbourne CBD: Begin your journey in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD). You'll need to head to one of the designated ferry terminals along the Yarra River.
  1. Choose a Ferry Terminal: There are several ferry terminals along the Yarra River where you can catch a ferry to Williamstown. The most convenient terminals for accessing Seaworks are generally Victoria Harbour in Docklands or Southgate near Flinders Street Station. Check the ferry schedule to see which terminal has departures to Williamstown.
  2. Board the Ferry: Once you've arrived at the chosen ferry terminal, purchase your ticket for the ferry to Williamstown. Board the ferry and find a seat. Be sure to check the timetable for departure times, as they can vary depending on the day and time.
  3. Enjoy the Scenic Ride: Sit back and enjoy the scenic journey along the Yarra River as the ferry makes its way towards Williamstown. You'll pass by various landmarks and enjoy beautiful views of the city skyline.
  4. Arrive at Gem Pier, Williamstown: The ferry will dock at Gem Pier in Williamstown, which is within walking distance of Seaworks. Disembark from the ferry and follow the signs towards Nelson Place.
  5. Walk to Seaworks: From Gem Pier, it's a short walk along Nelson Place to reach Seaworks Maritime Precinct. Simply follow Nelson Place eastward until you arrive at the entrance to Seaworks on your left.
Keep in mind that ferry schedules may vary depending on the time of day and season, so it's a good idea to check the timetable in advance. Additionally, consider purchasing a round-trip ticket if you plan to return to Melbourne via ferry after your visit to Seaworks. Enjoy your trip!


August 3, 2024


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